For the new EP we’ve recorded the No Use For A Name / Tony Sly Song „International You Day“ and I’m very happy that we got the incredible Jennie Cotterill of Bad Cop / Bad Cop for some great backing vocals on this track.

Besides that we will donate 1 Euro of every sold copy of the EP to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids we now have a Bandcamp site online where you can buy this track along with another great bonustrack (also a Tony Sly song) for a minimum of 1 Euro or even as much as you would like to donate.

Follow this link to get the song download and to donate money for the foundation:

A lot of love and thanks goes out to Katharina and Jan-Malte for shooting and editing this video and to Max and Philipp (bunt-mit-uns) for the excellent graffiti art they did at the Jugendzentrum Ostbunker. Also to my buddy Chris who recorded this EP and to Matthias Lohmöller at DocMaKlang who mixed and mastered it. Additional musicians are my friends Matthias on drums, Michael on the electric bass, Christian on upright bass and of course the one and only So-Kumneth on fiddle.